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AUTHORITY AGENCY hasn't been open to the public  since 2018.

Once we hit 250 Members, the doors will close again. Don't be left behind.

  • Are you tired of pitching business owners the exact same services that are offered 20 times a week?
  • Do you want to provide a service where you can guarantee results without having to rely on Google search placement to make them happy?
  • Are you ready to stop competing with every other marketer, and finally have a service that high value business owners desperately want, but no one else is offering them?

Then take another look at AUTHORITY AGENCY
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Jack Mize


Authority Agency was launched almost 10 years ago with Small Business Trendsetters and we have been consistently adding value since.  So, what's new in the AUTHORITY AGENCY Platform? Here are a few of our recent updates. 


ASK THE EXPERT Starter Books

ASK THE EXPERT Lead Magnet Book publishing is one of the fastest ways to create an authority positioning book for you and your clients. 

The Authority Agency AI Tools make it easy to create a library of titles that you can show your clients as examples and even let them customize and expand the content in their own words with their calls to action. These are extremely powerful sales tools. 

The ASK THE EXPERT AI Library contains 40 ChatGPT powered Experts (with more to come) that will help you create books fast. I wrote an almost 8,000 word draft in 11 minutes and 5 seconds.  


The AI Revolution is here. What used to take days, weeks and even months can be done in fraction of the time.  Our AI tools are specifically designed to help you fulfill the unique services we provide in AUTHORITY AGENCY.

We've developed a suite of tools that make writing Press Releases, Podcast Show Notes, Interview Preparation,  and turning transcripts into book chapters easier than you thought possible.

AI Writing Tools
  • Writing Assistant: Quickly generate Authority Positioning content for yourself and clients.  
  • PR Generator:  Just enter a few bullet points about your news and create a PR in minutes instead of hours.  
  • Podcast Interview Prep: Let AI create expert positioning questions and introductions for podcast interviews.
  • Podcast ShowNotes & PR: Generate ShowNotes and PR from a podcast interview transcript in minutes. 
  • Lead Generation Book Framework: Quickly create a complete book outline and detailed interview questions.
  • Transcript To Chapter: Turn an interview transcript into a full book chapter broken into topics.

As an AUTHORITY AGENCY Member, you'll have everything you need to start your own ASK THE EXPERT Book Publishing Service


Upload and host Virtual FlipBook versions of Authority Lead Magnets for yourself and your clients. 

Flipbook Dash


Since 2014 AUTHORITY AGENCY members have created thousands of Amazon Best Selling Authors.

The Best Seller Campaign Wizard makes it easy to set up and track your campaign and provide your client with a campaign landing page to share for easy promotion.

BSC Category Tracking
BSC Wizard


You get exclusive access to the AUTHORITY AGENCY Publishing Platforms. With over 24,000 articles, interviews, press releases and 24 volumes of Amazon Best Seller Multi-Author Books, you can be confident in your ability to deliver expert positioning results for your clients.

Agency Publishing
  • Be a Contributing Journalist to Business Innovators Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters
  • Free monthly Authority PressWire Premium PR Submission and wholesale pricing for additional PRs
  • Interview clients and prospects as a host of Business Innovators Radio episodes
  • Publish client interview chapters in Expert Profiles and Raising The Bar anthology books

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If you are tired of pitching business owners the exact same services that they are offered 20 times a week...

And you are ready to stop competing with every other marketer, and finally have a service that high-value business owners want but no one else is offering...

Then become one of the 250 Authority Agency members who can deliver exactly that!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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P.S.: Once we fill the remaining spots, Authority Agency will go back to waiting list only status. 

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